Foxonix Fox Development Board

Foxonix Fox Development Board
Foxonix Fox Development Board
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Add sound to your projects! Make that teddy bear talk. Give your robot a diabolical laugh. Let your art do the talking. (Literally.)

Foxonix is based on a sound chip with a built-in microcontroller, along with lots of flash memory for storing your program and audio. It’s easy to program and easy to use, and it’s the perfect solution for your inspired projects. With just a few lines of code and your list of audio files, you’ll be up and running in no time. It's a complete solution all on its own, but it also works alongside Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any other electronics platform.

The Fox Development Board connects to your computer via USB. Download the free code editor, write your program, specify any speech, music, and sound effect files, and compile the program. The file that is generated gets uploaded to the Fox Board and Voila!, you can test out your program and listen to your speech and sounds.

The sockets on the right can be used to hook up buttons, switches, LEDs, and so on. The socket on the left is for programming the stand-alone Project Board.

A USB cable with a mini B connector is required. (This is the same cable used with most digital cameras, so you probably already have one.) The board is powered directly from the USB cable, or you can use an external DC power supply. This board doesn't come with a speaker, but you can pick one up here, or check out the Starter Bundle.

Board dimensions: 4.00 in. x 2.30 in.

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