Want to make cool projects with our own sounds? With Foxonix you can:

  • Make super awesome toys and games and include whatever speech, music, and sounds you want
  • Make totally rad robots, art projects, and interactive displays with your own speech, music, and sounds
  • Store up to three minutes of good quality audio
  • Connect LEDs, motors, and other output devices
  • Trigger your projects with buttons, switches, motion detectors, IR, or other sensors
  • Synchronize outputs (like motors and LEDs) directly from markers in your audio files
  • Trigger events in the program directly from markers in your audio files

Foxonix is an open-hardware platform that is inexpensive and easy to use. Use it to add speech, music, sound effects, or any other audio to your creations. You can learn all about it at the Foxonix site.

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Foxonix Starter Bundle
This is the perfect starter kit for jumping into Foxonix. It includes: Fox Development Board..
Foxonix Fox Development Board
Add sound to your projects! Make that teddy bear talk. Give your robot a diabolical laugh. Let you..
Foxonix 21K Project Board
Once you've tested your program on the Fox Development Board and it's working the way you want, yo..
Fox I/O Interface Board Kit
The Fox Interface Board has 12 buttons and 4 LEDs and plugs directly into the I/O sockets on the F..
Foxonix Arduino Shield
If you're a fan of Arduino (like we are!), then you'll want to have this shield in your arsenal. T..
3.5mm PWM Audio Jack
Use this excellent little board to amplify your Foxonix projects. This board connects to the PWM aud..
Fox I/O Interface PCB
The Fox Interface Board PCB has locations for 12 buttons and 4 LEDs and is designed to be used as ..
Foxonix Arduino Shield PCB
This is the bare PCB from our Foxonix Arduino Shield Kit. Think of it as a blank Foxonix slate for..
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